I used to be this girl
Hoping for a fairytale
With so much love to give
But my heart soon grew frail

Heartbreak was inevitable
Fury had been released
But still the pain was unbearable
The grief could only increase

But you came as my hero
When I no longer could breathe
You promised me security
And that you’d never leave

You saved me from treachery
But I’m hesitant to trust
How can I tell what’s real?
Whether it’s love or just lust?

This isn’t a game
I’m certainly no prize
I’m far from perfection
I hope you realize

Tears come so easily
I’m nothing but a mess
You’re a knight in shining armour
Saving a damsel in distress

When you hold me in your arms
All the tears just melt away
You’re my air; I need you
Your smile can make my day

I’ll slowly rebuild myself
To be stronger, to be better
As long as you promise this
Promise you’ll love me forever

Love me tomorrow for it is a new day
Love me again like you did the first day
Love me always for my heart beats for yours
Kiss me sweetly and gently upon tomorrow morning

Hold me tightly for I’m afraid to fall
Don’t forget your promises for I had too many broken
Hold my hand to guide the way
Hold my heart to keep it safe

Tell me tomorrow that today wasn’t a dream
Tell me sweet nothings as I begin to sleep
And I’ll always remind you that I am yours alone
Truly and forever until were reborn

Then I will find you once again
To tell you I love you all over again



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