I could never really explain the feeling i felt whenever I’m around you.
What could i say or do and have it explain what i feel is true.
There is no amount of words i could say to describe what i feel inside.
The feelings i have inside my heart is so strong it’ll never subside.

I do not just want to tell you that i love you every day.
I want to show you with everything i do and even say.
I want to express myself by showing you that i do truly care.
I’ll show you in my brown eyes when in yours i stare.

Hopefully you’ll read how much i completely adore your big heart.
And i hope and dream in my life you will always be a part.
I will crave for your touch that can calm my soul.
And I’ll be supportive to you in all your life’s dreams and goal.

I’ll pray to always have you hugging me tightly each night.
Because you’re the one who fills my life with great delight.
I’ll show you i love you by being very considerate to you needs.
And I’ll show you by other cute and simply sweet deeds.

I’ll rub your back on those days life is being really rough.
And give you the confidence to keep pushing on the days its tough.
I promise I’ll show you by always giving you a helping hand,
And when you have a bad day i promise to understand.

I’ll be there for you through the good and the bad.
And be the person to make you smile when you’re sad.
And when you’re sick I’ll bring you soup to make you better.
I’ll take care of you, when you’re cold I’ll get you a sweater.

I will comfort you whenever you need me.
I’ll do this to prove to you and I are meant to be.
I’ll show you i love your kisses that leaves me so breathless.
You truly are the girl who fills my heart with complete happiness.

I still don’t know how to explain exactly what i feel.
The words i feel for you in my heart may never be exactly revealed.
But I’m willing to spend my whole life trying,
Trying to explain that without you my heart and soul would be dying.