Chat King
I will always love you through thick and thin
I will always love you mi amor
Even though we have some differences
But I’m here and I will always be listenin’
We are like the sun, because we will always shine
Baby whatever happens to me, you will always be mine
Even if we are miles away
In my heart you’ll stay
I am here for you and nobody else
When I smell your scent I’ll always melt
My heart is in yours hands
Nobody can’t take care of it like you can
I have been waiting for you for so long
Love for each other will always be strong
You are the one for me, there’s no doubt in that
When you say “I Love You” I saw the heaven crack
The tears that I cried for you will turn into happiness
Now you’re in my life, now I will never have bad dreams
I will do anything for you, just let me know
Just for you I will let my love show
I need you in my life like you need me in yours
I see nobody, just me and you in this world
What can I say to you that I have not already said? There are no words that could ever fully express my love for you Anas. Today I am ready, willing, and excited to become your every need. I am so happy and grateful that God has placed you in my life. I truly believe that you were specially chosen just for me. I could not have asked for a better life companion. You are my soul mate. Soon, we will stand before God, our family, and our friends and vow our love to each other. I promise to always love, honor, and respect you for as long as I live. I will carry you in my heart. I will lift you up spiritually and always be there for you emotionally and physically. I will pray for you and our marriage daily. I appreciate you for who you are and who you have caused me to be. From this day forward, let us grow in love, let’s make our relationship stronger. Let us make life decisions together. Let us be quick to love and slow to anger. Let us be understanding. Let us let God direct us and guide us in our relationship and in our walk together, as our paths combine. I am now and will forever be yours through whatever life brings us. I will be faithful to you and give you my trust. There is so much more I could say but I am going to spend the rest of my life showing you what you mean to me boo. I love you more than anything and everything in this world.


•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•* *•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨`*•
══¤۩۞۩ஜ CĦǻt Kiŋğ (Çhèwîng Ğum ßôý) ஜ۩۞۩¤═♥
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