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I count the hours,
I count the days.
How much I miss you,
I count the ways. 
I miss your voice,
I miss your touch.
And I miss the face,
That I love so much.
How to describe it,
There is no way.
I walk around,
In a permanent daze.
I long to feel,
Your warm embrace.
And to see a smile,
Upon your face.
I will not sleep,
Won’t close one eye.
Until you’re home,
Sleeping in my arms.
While you’re so far way,
And I’m here safe at home.
I think of you out there,
In danger and alone.
I miss you so much,
To the moon and the stars.
And this feeling will go on,
Until you’re safe in my arms.

Your love is like the glue,
That binds my broken heart.
And holds us both together,
Those times we are apart.
Your smile is the sun ray,
That warms my frozen soul.
Melting us together like
A flowing loving whole.
Your eyes are like the windows,
That reflect my aching grief.
Displaying to the world at
Large, love beyond belief.
Your skin is like a velvet touch,
That strokes my longing flesh.
To which I cling, as I declare,
My love for you afresh.
Your lips are like a dark red rose,
That glistens in the snow.
And when you place them next to mine,
They show their love anew.
In short, you are my everything,
And every time we meet.
My hopes, and yours, are all combined,
You make my life complete.

I Love You
I Always Have
And I Always And Forever Will

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