►ßÈÌñG †HÈRÈ £õR ¥õÚ◄

►ßÈÌñG †HÈRÈ £õR ¥õÚ◄

My love for him it will be forever
I promised him to work out the problems together
If he ever needs me I’ll give it my all
And work out the troubles be they big or small

I’ll hold him when he’s down
And from his face I’ll take his frown
I only wish to make him see
I’ll give him nothing but honesty

My goal in life is to make him smile
And as for that I’d walk more than a mile
If he ever needs anything all he needs to do is ask
Because I feel that’s an easy task

I really do love him so
There is nowhere I wouldn’t go
I’d cross deserts and mountains and even the sea
Because with him is where I should be

When I’m with him there’s nothing to say
Except I promise to love him each and every day
Nothing could be more important to do
Than just being there for you

►I Love You◄ ►I Need You◄ ►I Miss You◄

… (¸.•*´ ٠●ღღ●٠ıllıll • ll [ÇĦǻ† Kïŋğ] (Çhèwîng Ğum ßôý) ll •lıllı