^^M¥ LõVÈ FõR ¥õÚ^^

^^M¥ LõVÈ FõR ¥õÚ^^

We have walked hand in hand
A promise of togetherness we will stand
A love that is true and hearts that beat as one
Our love not broken or torn by none
I can see and feel the love from your smiling face
God lives in your heart he has given you grace
Like a ship on the ocean that has been tossed
We build the bridges together so our rivers can be crossed
Let not our tears make us feel any pain
May they feel the life that is given like a new spring rain
Harden not our hearts with words that are cruel
But let them be spoken with kindness, can this be our rule
Feel the joy and happiness in your life, each and every day
Feel the joy and happiness in your life, to the Lord I pray
Can we share our dreams and can we make them come true
To build our home with love, and hold it together with my love for you
To raise our children strong, and teach them the meaning of love
Guided by his heavenly hand that shelters from above
Never asking why or how, do you need to ask me this
I look into your eyes and seal my love with a kiss

I Love You
I Always Have
And I Always Will

ıllıll • ll [ÇĦǻ† Kïŋğ] (Çhèwîng Ğum ßôý) ll •lıllı